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Jamee goes above and beyond in providing very specific feedback regarding what we can do to achieve our strength (and personal) goals. She's extremely well-educated regarding the human body, its systems and the process of gaining the functionality we desire. It is obvious that this is not simply a job/career for her, but a life mission to help people reach their highest potential.

Diana Pascua

I love this place. Jamee is an AMAZING trainer! She pushes you to meet your goals. The classes are great because they are ALWAYS different. Great instructors and positive energy

for all shapes and sizes. If you want results come join Pauer Fitness.

Amy Davis

Jamee is the most dedicated and committed trainer! She cares about her client's goals and results and will tailor your workout program to fit those goals! I did my updated assessment and have lost 5.5% body fat since beginning my personal training with her in May. She pushes me beyond what my mind tells me I am able to do. I was hoping to strengthen my legs and avoid running injuries since I began training for half marathons last year. I'm stronger, faster and feel much more confident when running now!!!!! Thank You Jamee!!!!

Tiffany Hoffman

7.5 months in 20 lbs down, but more importantly I am stronger than I have been in over a decade and I feel great about how far I have come ... so far. I deal with digestive issues, so I knew going in, that my journey would be a bit slower than most, but I am ok with that ... as I continue to heal.

The biggest lightbulb moment for me was the undeniable “energy output” I experienced in my first class here. It made me immediately question the $$$ I was spending on my membership at LifeTime. I canceled my membership at LT within the first 2 weeks of walking in the doors at Fitness.

The second thing that really had me was the embracing and encouraging members. Little encouraging whispers of “don’t give up” , “you can do it” ... from people whom I had not even met yet ... not only made me push myself but also reinforced the “judgment free” environment, that some gyms claim to have, but fail to deliver.

Then 3 months later I braved the Jamee training sessions. Jamee Pau pushes you past your limits to find strength you did not think you had. Leaving you feeling ... well YES sore ... but also feeling proud and accomplished. When you start to see your body change and muscles appear, you can’t help but to keep going back.

I can say, they surely can stand proudly behind their rally cry:  Dedication Motivation  Results

Tasha Richard

I have been going to Fitness by: Jamee Pau for the past three years, realizing a level of fitness that I did not think achievable at my age.  I just had my 68th birthday!  Recently, I asked Jamee to instruct me on a diet plan and exercise program to reach 10% body fat.  She was able to accomplish that goal in about 6 weeks!  Amazing.

I have better overall fitness and cardiovascular health than at any point in my life, and would encourage anyone who is serious about fitness to contact Fitness and become a member. 

Allen Sanders

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